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Why is ProMed Solutions Different?

ProMed Solutions knows that every financial decision you make regarding your retirement, investments, estate, asset protection or tax planning should be made by learning about the alternatives so you can make the right decision.

Most business owners and individuals view financial service brokers, financial planners and insurance agents as salesmen trying to sell them a product or service. Large insurance companies and brokerage firms train their agents and brokers to sell the perceived need of the individual.

Our hand-picked advisors use “legacy questions” to develop a fully integrated approach to your unique situation. Answers are evaluated and using proven strategies, a financial plan is designed and implemented with properly formed and funded structures and entities which significantly reduce taxes, enable exponential growth of wealth, allow you to retire with financial freedom, invest your profits safely and provide formidable opposition to even the most aggressive attack by creditors.
We create fully integrated, intellectual solutions, enhanced by highly personalized service, which will fulfill your unique individual, family, and business financial goals.

It is a sad fact that 65% of all Americans get to age 65 and have $57,000 or less to retire on. Only 6% of healthcare professionals that reach retirement age generate retirement income that was equal to the income they received while they were working.

At ProMed Solutions, we believe that you do not have to be one of the 65% who do not have enough income to retire with financial freedom. Our mission is to enable our clients to invest in themselves, to achieve their life goals and to live their dreams
The services below are rendered depending where you are in your career

Buyers & Startups Sellers Existing Practices
Corporate Structure Tax Reduction Tax Reduction
Life Insurance Lifetime Income Projections Lifetime Income Projections
Disability Insurance Estate Planning Estate Planning
Property Insurance Retirement Planning Retirement Planning
General Liability Ins Investment Planning Investment Planning
Asset Protection    
Retirement Planning    

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