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Buying a dental practice can lead to a lucrative and rewarding career, but it is a journey that should not be taken alone! Knowing how to buy a dental practice profitably (while avoiding bad deals) demands knowledge that has been gained from assisting thousands of successful dental practice transitions. Decades of experience are what make ProMed Financial, Inc. the perfect guide to help you solve these complex transactions. Our goal is to provide our buyers with the resources necessary to make the right purchase for the right price.

ProMed Financial Exclusive Perks for Buyers          

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  • Free Updates of Upcoming Dental Practices for Sale In Your Area
  • We Help You Locate and Evaluate A Dental Practice That Fits Your Needs

Dental Practices for Sale Nationwide

Once you have completed your buyer registration, you will receive notifications via e-mail about dental practice purchase opportunities available in your demographic area of interest. We can help you locate the practice of your dreams and provide 100% dental practice financing to get you established immediately. Our repeat customers are testament to our proven dental practice locating, pricing and finance strategies. 

Dental Practice Valuation Done Right

So, you've found a practice you like, but is it fairly priced? Dental practice valuation requires careful analysis. Understanding how a practice is accurately priced involves considering multiple levels of financial and operational information of a practice, which become major contributors to overall dental practice value. Our dental practice listings are priced upon recent dental practice sales activity and the environment associated with financing the dental practice transition. We take the time to make sure our inventory includes high-value dental practice that are pre-approved by banks and ready for financing. 

Purchasing a Dental Practice 

When you have found a dental practice for sale that you are interested in purchasing, you can complete a Buyer Confidentiality Agreement. After submitting your signed Buyer Confidentiality Agreement, the dental practice sales agent representing your practice of interest will present you with a Buyer's Package of information specific to you practice(s) of interest along with any other details you might be interested in obtaining. Future meetings and conversations can be coordinated by the assigned practice sales agent to develop an effective channel of communication between you and the seller. Our repeat buyers are testament to our integrity and the practice-pricing system we use to determine the value of a dental practice. 

Motivated Buyers Attract Motivated Sellers

Buying a practice is a commitment that can help you achieve your professional, creative and financial goals. Perfect practices do not exist, but high-value practices with great earning potential do. Being cognizant of your own talents and lifestyle is a critical correlation that must be in agreement with the practice you want to purchase. The first step of buying a dental practice is just as important as the last but you can be assured that the practice you are purchasing from us has been evaluated for longevity for the right buyer. All documentation necessary to facilitate and complete the transaction will be furnished by your practice sales agent along each step of the process. Let us be your guide when buying a dental practice. 

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