Buying a Medical Practice
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Largest Database of Medical Sellers

ProMed Financial, Inc. has a vast array of medical practices and medical practice specialist sellers throughout the nation that are currently listed or soon to be listed. If after you have reviewed ProMed's Medical Practices for Sale section on our website and have identified a practice of interest, be sure to register so that you can receive additional information. 

Buyer Registration

The Buyer Registration allows our ProMed team to promptly send you more detailed information on the practice of your choice, provide financial application and/or search for additional practices. Please note that not all practices are listed on the website. Especially those that are high grossing and require substantial confidentiality. 

Buyer Search for the Right Practice

ProMed will perform a search for the right practice based upon your description. This can be done on a national basis. This is only one of the many buyer services that is available through ProMed. 

Financing the Acquisition of a Medical Practice

There are many loan programs available here at ProMed. Many choices exist for your convenience. Terms up to 15 years are available. Graduated payment programs or fixed amortized payments can be structured. Let ProMed guide you through the complex process of buying a medical practice.

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