Buying a Podiatry Practice
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Buying a podiatry practice without professional guidance is like walking through life blindfolded - you will only end up in the wrong direction.

Footprints to Success

In order to achieve your ultimate podiatry practice acquisition, these several steps must be taken:

  1. Become financially qualified so you know your parameters and limitations
  2. Measure the practice opportunity for its strengths (how long established, transfer-ability, key personnel, etc.)
  3. Present an offer that will meet industry standards
  4. Perform a complete and thorough Due Diligence
  5. Prepare necessary contracts for finalization
  6. Take steps towards a successful transition

Needed Guidance

In order to perform these steps promptly and thoroughly, it is important to engage the services of seasoned practice brokers or transition specialists such as ProMed representatives who can provide the necessary knowledge and guidance to accomplish the task listed in the Footprints to Success.

Marketing Your Practice

For continued success or revitalization of the practice you are purchasing, you may require a professional management company or marketing expert in order to successfully attract new and old patients to your practice. This is an essential aspect to buying a podiatry practice. Call us today for a consultation at 888-277-6633.

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