Buying a Veterinary Practice
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Buying a Veterinary practice is a life changing decision and one needs professional guidance while navigating the complicated journey of purchasing a new practice. 

Connecting Buyers and Sellers is a special process that requires knowledge that exceeds industry status quo. ProMed Financial, Inc. has acquired the expert knowledge and healthcare business instincts that are crucial to conducting a successful and rewarding transition for both Buyers and Sellers respectively. We accurately assess our clients' desires to determine absolute compatibility of any practice transition and make sure it will be the right fit. Whether you are a new veterinarian looking to begin your career, or a well-established veterinarian wanting to expand into new territories, ProMed can help you find your dream practice.  

 Preparing For Purchase

When you are ready to purchase a practice, we will be ready to usher you through each step of the process, including an ideal office location, assisting you with any necessary practice financing for equipment, working capital or real estate and ultimately ensure a smooth transition for profitable acquisition. Our priority first and foremost is to assist you with everything buying a veterinary practice entails. Call us today! 888-277-6633


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