Buying an Optometry Practice
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What you get is not always what you see! There are many aspects of an optometry practice acquisition that need to be considered before you find the practice right for you.

Thorough Due Diligence Period 

After your offer has been accepted, you will have the opportunity of performing a thorough due diligence to validate the information that had been presented to be true and correct. However, there are several things that you do not want to overlook in your review that buyers often simply are unaware of in their due diligence investigation. Be sure to consult with ProMed in order to ascertain other important factors that must be considered when buying an optometry practice. 

100% Optometry Practice Acquisition Financing

Depending upon your situation, 100% Optometry Practice Financing could be obtained for your acquisition. Then, if you determine that additional operating capital or new equipment would be necessary, it can easily be added on. Apply now! 

Pre-Qualify Your Financial Ability

It's a simple step to have ProMed determine your financial capability and any limitations that would prevent you from obtaining 100% Practice Acquisition Financing. To spare your time, this is done prior to searching for practices as it can be a guideline to your limits and capabilities for financing. Give yourself the freedom to know that any offer you make can be backed with the support of financing. Contact us today if you are considering buying an optometry practice! 888-277-6633

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