Chiropractic Debt Consolidation

The most important principal of a practice investment is to understand that a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow. ProMed Financial has helped thousands of doctors consolidate their debt and increase cash flow, enabling doctors to collect more from their investments today – not tomorrow.

Our practice debt consolidation loan is also a great way to get ahead in your finances while reducing your monthly obligations.

Loans up to $10 million

Consolidate Credit Cards, Lines of Credit, Startups, Practice Acquisitions, Equipment

Low fixed rates

Terms 7- 15 years

Principal Reduction Payments

Additional working capital – up to $75K

Add additional equipment

Add Real Estate

Add funds to remodel office

Quick approval process

No cosigners required


Take the example below of a typical practice debt schedule

Practice Debt ScheduleMonthly PaymentOriginal AmountBalance Today
Practice Acquisitions or Startup$5,675$350,000$282,000
Credit Card$270$11,000$9,000
Line of Credit$650$50,000$30,000
Old Monthly Payment$7,638
New Monthly Payment$3,664
Added Cash flow is $3,974 a month or $47,688 a year


Why consolidate your practice debt?

  • Pay out credit cards with high percentage rates
  • Increase cashflow put more money for retirement or practice expansion
  • Pay less interest
  • Simplify monthly payments
  • Have more liquidity
  • Peace of mind

Call our Practice Debt Consolidation Division and find out how much you can save. 888-277-6633