Medical Practice Loans

ProMed Financials is one of the leading financing firms in the private medical practice market offering a high degree of professionalism and competitive rates. Whether you are a recent graduate, assistant or seasoned MD, ProMed Financial has experienced an overwhelming success in acquiring medical practice financing loans tailored to your specific need. Here are some of the reasons to contact us today.

  • 100% Financing
  • Low fixed rates
  • 5-15 year terms
  • 25 years terms for real estate
  • Flexible Pre-payment Penalties

Medical Practice Acquisition Financing – Use 100% Medical Practice Financing to leverage your asking price. We can easily match all closing dates. Call us for a free consultation on both practice acquisition concerns and best programs available. Ask the experts!

Medical Practice Debt Consolidation – Consolidate your medical practice debt and increase your cash flow, save money, lower your monthly payments. Add additional equipment or working capital.

Medical Practice Expansions, Re-locations & Remodels – We will help make your vision a reality; whether you want to expand, move or remodel, we can offer you financing for your project.

Medical Practice Startups Loans – Application only loans are available from 300,000 and even up to $500,000 with full documentation. Medical Practice Startup Financing available for graduates, associates and those seeking a second location.

Medical Equipment Financing / Leasing – Quick, Great Rates, Terms, Flexible, Medical Equipment Financing or Leasing

Medical Practice Real Estate Financing – Existing Real Estate, Ground-Up Construction, Investment, SBA, Conventional, Low Rates, Low closing costs, Fixed and Variable terms

Working Capital Loans for Doctors – Fast application only for $75,000 or $150,000 with full documents

Call a Medical Practice Financing agent today to receive a free (no obligation) consultation with one of our experienced financing team members.