Podiatry Practice Acquisition Financing

Purchasing a Podiatry practice is possibly one of the largest and best investments you can make in your career. With a Podiatry practice acquisition, you will be able to eliminate all the hassles of a start-up and jump right into what you are passionate about. Whether you are acquiring a Podiatry practice as a whole, equity partner or through a partner (buy-out), ProMed Financial understands the unique requirements and questions you face when making the transition to practice ownership. We make Podiatry practice loans that provide flexible and customized finance solutions for you.

  • 100% Podiatry Practice Acquisition Financing – Flexible & Customized For YOU
  • Podiatry Practice Loans – Plus Additional Working Capital
  • Podiatry Practice Purchase & Practice Real Estate Combination Financing

Many doctors mistakenly believe they cannot get Podiatry practice financing because their current income would not be able to support the loan. This misconception discourages many healthcare professionals from acquiring a practice, when in reality, a Podiatry practice acquisition loan is financed based on the cash flow of the purchasing practice, not the assets or income of the buyer. Depending on the size of the Podiatry practice and/or specialty, a certain level of experience might be necessary. But in essence, the most important factor for a buyer is to show a responsible credit history. For our sub-prime program we can even do some acquisitions through our SBA Podiatry practice loans & financing program.

  • Competitive Terms 7- 15 years – Keeps Payments Affordable & Low
  • Customized Payment Schedules – Whatever fits your financial goal
  • Working Capital Lines of Credit (Add Up To $75K In Working Capital

We help simplify a complex transaction of Podiatry practice financing with Podiatry practice loans that are the most flexible in the industry and tailored to the unique needs of Physicians and their practice. Each agent, and underwriter has been trained on common Podiatry practice loan operations thereby eliminating the learning curve (unlike many non-specialty finance institutions). We help you analyze your Podiatry practice purchase including the location, patient base, fee structure and more.

  • Add Funds For Additional Podiatry Equipment and/or Office Remodeling
  • Quick Approval Process and No Co-Signers Required

We work with you as partner and express our knowledge & opinions on your Podiatry practice acquisition. This caring mentality has awarded us generations of success and repeat business. ProMed Financial’s roots are in Podiatry practice financing and sales. Our Podiatry practice loan department has decades of proven analytical models to help the Podiatry practice financing underwriters understand your Podiatry practice acquisition financing needs. Our goal is to establish a working relationship with our buyers and help them throughout their careers – from their first Podiatry practice purchase and to retirement. Call us today to speak to a no-hassle, personable agent that will be able to guide you on your Podiatry practice purchase at no cost to you.  Don’t forget to visit our practice sales division for the latest practice listings.

How To Get Started:
Our consultations are free and of no obligation for you. If you’re interested in speaking to one of our seasoned Podiatry practice financing agents, please inquire on the right or call our toll-free number (888) 277-6633. We can help you get pre-qualified for any practice you are interested in purchasing. We will be glad to help you answer any questions you have about Podiatry Practice Acquisition Financing or other financing options.