Spare yourself from a quick study about selling your practice, we are what you need to accomplish this major decision in your life. Doctors do not have the time or experience to recognize and understand the complexities of selling their practices.  We will have a fiduciary relationship with you. Watching out and protecting you along the way. Finding the right buyer, settling on the right terms is something we do best! 


Good Solid Advice

Keep the Practice the Same This unfortunately is not a time to relax. During the procuring process, the practice revenues needs to stay the same.  The only thing that we would suggest is upgrading the interior to make it show better or possibly replace some of the older equipment.  Remember any expenditures you make towards this will most likely not be applied to the selling price.  

Locating the Right Buyer

Our database is one of the largest in the country.  We have been established for 30 years and take great pride in matching up Buyers and Sellers.  Besides having a top rated internet site, we additionally will scout our the various internet sites and include blasting your opportunity through social media..  We get the job done!!


Negotiating Process

Selling your practice is, many times, more emotionally charged than selling a home.  Knowing this, you will benefit greatly from a go-between who can handle all aspects of the transaction while relieving the anxiety of trying to locate the best buyer.  We will guide you through the process of offers, due diligence and completion.  Our guidelines are impeccable. 



Strict confidentiality, as well as establishing the right price, is crucial to the success of any transaction.  We have the Buyers sign a Confidentiality Agreement/NDA to assure their understanding of the importance of not disclosing or contacting current employees or suppliers.  All practices are coded so that an easy identification is not possible. We acquire a Buyer Confidentiality Agreement and do out best to guard the sale to your staff. may get nervous if they learn that their place of work is for sale. Suppliers and creditors may also want to stop doing business with you if word gets out that you are selling. What would your completion say?


Marketing Your Practice

Our data base of qualified buyers is vast with many connections to Private Equity firms as well. We are also well established in the marketplace and often receive referrals from other professionals such as: lawyers, CPA’S, lenders, other consultants.


100% FINANCING                                                                                                          

ProMed Financial, Inc. has the strong capability of providing 100% financing to your Buyer.  Most likely you will not be required to carry any paper.