ProMed Financial, Inc. can easily make claim to being one of the longest standing FINANCING and PRACTICE SALES SERVICES in the country!

We began in 1993 and have greatly impacted the lives of doctors of ALL specialties, throughout the United States. We’ve been a part of newly developed SBA and Conventional Lending platforms since our inception.


Let’s first talk about PRACTICE FINANCING.

We’ve financed millions of dollars each year since 1993.  As of 2022 we have served over 1 Billion in loans to the Healthcare community.

Our scope of service expands throughout all elements of a practices lifespan. Unlike some we offer financing to ALL specialties!

Acquisitions . Consolidations . Real Estate . Start-up’s . Working Capital & MORE!

SELLING has become our Expertise

Few companies have the expertise that we hold. Few can boast over 100 years of accumulative experience! 

We have a Large Buyer Database,  offer Professional Marketing and a High rate of Success. We can find buyers for even the most difficult specialties to transact.

You can trust us to maintain confidentiality, vet out prospective buyers and provide sound guidance to reach favorable outcomes. 

Our clients have confidence and trust in our abilities 

Team Effort

With excellent communication to our clients we collectively arrive at the best solutions.  Staying on top of the changes in healthcare now is fundamental to aspiring towards a successful outcome. 

We know what it is to “team-up”. That coupled with our professional approach, years of experience and overall synergy will bring the results you want and deserve!