Sell an Optometry Practice

What is my practice worth? Many factors come into play when diagnosing and arriving at a suitable optometry practice valuation. This can even include your practice management in relation to production, collection, and net profit. Once the marketing has been completed and we procure a satisfactory buyer, optometrist loans can be made available through ProMed Financial.

How Do I Get Started?

It is important that a Fair Market Value is established by analyzing the financial and business information on your practice. To further our analysis, we take into account several marketing factors that would be unique to your particular practice, such as location, transfer-ability, key personnel, etc. Our experience allows us to use these factors to adequately arrive at a suggested market value pertinent only to your practice.

Maintaining Confidentiality

The new buyer coming into your practice wants to be sure that it is functioning properly the moment they assume ownership. ProMed understands that confidentiality from your staff is vital and necessary to facilitating a smooth transition, and we take steps to ensure that they are notified of the sale only at the appropriate time.

Network of Buyers

After decades of experience, we are truly proud about the thousands of optometrists in our database actively looking to buy practices. Through our vetting process, we can ascertain their ability to manage the practice and obtain financing. We know how important it is to transfer your family of patients to another optometrist who you would be proud to introduce.

Smooth Transition

We understand that arriving at a smooth transition is crucial to you and the buyer. As you go through this process, we will provide guidance to achieve a hassle-free transition.

Selling an Optometry Practice can be a smooth process with the right company behind you. If you are thinking about selling your practice, call us today for a free consultation 888-277-6633.