Selling a Chiropractic Practice
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Adjusting to the need to sell for any reason may elicit feelings of anguish that only a seasoned professional in practice sales can alleviate. Our experienced team will assist you with decades of knowledge to assist you in making this important decision.

Offering Your Practice

Many buyers are seeking certain components within a practice opportunity that are important to them. Some may differ considerably according to their priorities. Regardless, having ample information and a professional presentation by ProMed will assist with their desires and concerns.

Buyers Are Pre-Qualified

Due to our extensive marketing, many buyers may respond but may not be qualified financially to complete the sale. These buyers will need to be prequalified for their work experience, credit scores, desirability to live within 30 minutes of the practice and more. Matching a buyer with the seller takes a skilled professional.

What Is The Fair Market Value?

Only an expert in this field can advise you based upon current sales and information that you have provided to perform a marketing analysis of your practice. Time in business, key personnel, location, etc. are just a few of the factors that play into determining the Fair Market Value. 

Smooth Transition

Most often, it will take a brief transition period to introduce the buyer to the administrative tasks at hand, in-house marketing strategies and referring sources in order to accomplish a smooth transition. As part of our services, we have a detailed information on different, important things to do prior to the transition.

Covenant Not To Compete

As you sell your practice and obtain a valuable cash reward, it will be required by the buyer and lender for you to offer a covenant not to compete. The years and radius varies according to certain factors.

Financing For The Buyer

ProMed Financial, Inc. fortunately has knowledge both in the practice sales arena and in the financing world for doctors. In the Chiropractic field, the ability to obtain 100% financing does not exist. It will require that the seller carries a small portion of the selling price and locate a buyer who has the capability of having a down payment for financing. In other words, ProMed Financial, Inc. will need to invest time in establishing the right buyer.

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