Selling a Dental Practice
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This is a life-changing decision that requires guidance, introspection, and commitment when you consider offering a dental practice for sale.

Many questions can arise. For instance, you may wonder "how will I find the right doctor to transfer my "family" of patients?" Timing must be commensurate with your retirement plans. However, the sale can be structured with an exit strategy which accompanies a short transition or a longer one of possibly two years or more. Either way, your goals can be reached.

  • This requires guidance and professional assistance by a Practice Broker.                                                                                                                                        

Establishing A Fair Market Value

Based upon recent sales and activity and the environment associated with financing an acquisition, ProMed Financial, Inc. has been successful in analyzing the financial information and merits inherit only to your practice whereby establishing a "fair market value" based only upon your practice.

  • A full analysis will confirm valuation.

 Seasoned Practice Sales Transition Specialist/Broker

As professional practice transition specialists/brokers with decades of experience, our team will spend the necessary time to evaluate your practice, pre-qualify all buyer interest and provide incredible guidance during the entire process resulting in a smooth transition.

  • History of successful smooth transitions

 Maintaining Confidentiality

To ensure the confidential nature of your practice sale and maintain the integrity of the practice sale, our buyers are pre-qualified and required to complete a Confidentiality Agreement. Our marketing division will develop a professional marketing presentation which will be approved by you prior to distribution to our large database of buyers.

  • Largest Database of Prequalified Buyers
  • All marketing material conceals your name and location
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