Selling a Veterinary Practice
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Whether it be a small animal practice with exotics or an equine/bovine practice - the time that you have put into developing your client base is the essential part of your sale. The new buyer will want the opportunity of introduction to maintain the ongoing practice visits and business from your existing clients.

What's Important in Selling?

As we previously mentioned, the list of clients of course has a level of credence but there are other factors that play into developing a Fair Market Value. Are you located on a corner? Do you have high visibility? Is your location easily accessible?

And then, there is of course, how much will the new buyer make?

Fair Market Analysis

The buyer will have the opportunity to make a similar income if the transition and introduction occurs in a favorable way. Clients often are surprised when a new buyer appears without prior notification. ProMed Financial can guide you through this process.

Your Success is Our Success

Our purpose is to help you achieve a favorable price and a smooth transition. Since you may not have sold a practice before, there are many elements that need to be addressed and covered prior to the transference.   

Tax Consequences

Sellers have often been very concerned when their accountant notifies them of the impending taxes that will be due after the sale of the practice. There are several ways in which to reduce the impact. Several of our colleagues are on hand to discuss this with you in detail and explain the methods that will alleviate some of this concern.

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